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Q: What are the ages of the different classes you offer?


A: We currently have a Nursery for kids less than 1.  In this room the parents must stay with their own kids because we do not have a teacher for this room.  However, we do provide a TV that broadcasts the service so that you don't miss out on the songs or sermon.  In this room, we also provide a changing table and private area for nursing moms.

    The next room is the Younger Children's Class, also known as the red & green rooms.  This class is for kids ages 1-5, or walking to Pre-K.  In this class, kids get to play with other kids their age while getting a Bible story told on their level and fun crafts and games.


    The final classroom we currently offer is the Older Children's Class, also known as the blue room.  This class is for kids ages Kindergarten through 5th grade.  This class also receives a lesson on their level with fun crafts and games. In addition to that, we also focus on a Bible memorization curriculum.  In this curriculum, kids receive rewards for the number of Bible verses they memorize.

We realize that our classrooms cover a wide age range.  As we are able to expand our building, we will also be multiplying our classrooms.  This will allow us to keep kids that are closer in age together.

Q: Does my child have to go to the kids classes?

A: No, if your child prefers to stay with you in the worship service they are welcome to do that.  We actually provide a "fun kit" for kids who want to stay with their parents.  This kit has some fun stuff for your child such as coloring pages, etc.  We ask that you leave the "fun kit" at the back of the sanctuary as you leave each week so that we can refill them and other kids can use them as well.

Q: What if my child is sick?

Q: What if my child has special needs?

Q: My child has allergies. How do I let you know?

Q: What if my child behaves poorly in class?

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The TLC Kid zone team

Kim Duncan, Children's Minister
Younger Children's Teachers
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Donna Pollock

Older Children's Teachers
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Kim Duncan

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Jennifer House

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Sonya Aune

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Liz Emmons

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Rachel Ireland

Michelle Thorne

Trent Snowbarger

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Mike Housdon

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