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Family Activities

The Thankful Game

The Thankful Game is a fun game for the whole family! All you need is a bag of M&Ms, and to download and print the PDF above. Each day, every family member will pick an M&M to eat, and whatever color they get will help them be thankful for something on the card!

Drop the Ghost
Ever played Drop the Hanky? This fall twist on a family favorite works for 4+ people. Grab a tissue, and get in a circle. Instead of saying duck duck goose, drop the tissue (ghost) behind the person you want to be it next! They have to pick it up and tag you before you race around the circle and stand in their spot.


Mummy Wars
Grab the fam and get ready to wrap it up! With toilet paper, that is. Race to see who can wrap their teammate up the fastest! Then take a selfie, and post it to the TLC facebook page!


Spooky Scavenger Hunt

You'll need a flashlight, and a late night. Go hunting for glow sticks after dark in the backyard, or turn out all the lights in the house and create your own jump-scares.

Leaf Crowns
Collect the best leaves you can find, and make a crown with construction paper by gluing the leaves to the top!

Cat’s Got Your Tongue!
Enjoy this fall-themed charade game with printable prompts. Download below:

Needle in a Haystack
Burn some calories raking leaves together, then hide a piece of candy in the leaf pile and see who can find it first. Winner eats all!


Shut-Eye Surprise
No peeking on this one! Everyone gets a pencil and paper to follow the leader’s drawing instructions step by step. The catch? You’ve got to keep your eyes shut! The leader picks the next person to be ‘it.’ Who will win, the best drawing or the silliest? You decide!

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